CEO Greetings

I would like to welcome those of you who have sought out
Hyundam Mun’go Digital Archive.

This is the first time that Hyundam Mun’go’s materials have been presented
to the world as a digital archive. In the past, the collection’s rare materials
were made available to the word so that the individual and unique beauty
of each of its treasures could be felt. As reflections on the alternate values
and meanings of a faded past, we wish to share how our past is connected
to our present and the ways that our present can change.

Hyundam Mun’go is a home for letters and imagination.
Here are kept the material forms of what is left of previous eras. Beautiful forms of language that have been forgotten and traces of reasons that are no longer extant are preserved. The intellectual inheritance bequeathed to our present cannot be possessed by one person or group. Rather, by looking, feeling, and thinking about it together, that inheritance will become richer and more beautiful.

I believe the value of Hyundam Mun’go digital archive is to be found in sharing and openness, communication and connection, freedom and the public good. In this place, anyone who wishes must be able to look, read, and think freely about the archive’s rare materials. We hope that you can admire the effort of those that crafted the language and letters. We hope that, like an archeologist of the mind, you can discover the grounds of great distant eras and feel renewed. We hope that, together, while experiencing the spirit of tradition and culture gathered by our people through the millennia, you can find inspiration for living in the present we share. When viewed in the light of the past, we can imagine our present differently and hope that you are able to dream new dreams. Thank you.

Dr. Jeong, Yang Mo, Hyundam Mun’go
September, 2021