A Korean studies collection where tradition and the present coexist
A brief history of Adan Mun’go

소개 이미지

Adan Mun’go was established by Adan (雅丹), Mrs. Kang Tae-young, as a result of her special interest and love for Korea’s ancient, modern, and contemporary literary materials. In 1985, Mrs. Kang began collecting foundational materials of traditional Korean culture and, in 1989, began acquiring manuscripts and paraphernalia from well-known Korean literary artists.

In 2005, Adan Mun’go was reborn as a not-for-profit organization, establishing a museum and research institute for the study of Korea. Before it becoming a non-profit, Adan Mun’go focused its efforts on the acquisition and organization, as well as preservation of Korean textual materials.
After its establishment as a non-profit, Adan Mun’go expanded its mission to include the exhibition of Korean cultural materials, the publication of bibliographies describing the collection, and the promotion of research and rediscovery efforts to become a distinguished research center for the study of Korea’s cultural heritage.